Company Profile

C.K. Electech Co., Ltd. (CKE) is an Exclusive Distributor of various electrical and electronic products.

Our customers in Petroleum and Petrochemical Industries, Power Generating Plants, Heavy industries such as Steel Mills, Mining, Oil & Gas businesses, Energy Producers, Marine Transports and Commercial Building complex. We have been supplying full range of electrical materials for new project construction together with Security & Safety equipment, Distributed Control Systems (DCS) and Integrated Computerized System (ICS), Bulk materials for installation of Electrical, Electronic, Communication system and wiring accessories such as cable glands, Remote Control Units (RCU), Increased Safety junction boxes, etc.


In 1998, CKE was, among the pioneer groups of Services sector in Thailand, certified the ISO 9002 Quality System by BVQI. The accreditation has recently been upgraded to ISO 9001-2000 Quality system. Through the essence of quality development system prescribed by the International Standard Organization, CKE established its "Quality Policy Statement" which has been prominent to all employees. The Quality policy is always emphasized by the Management to motivate all employees to strictly adhere to it.


With over 25 years of business experience, the delivery of "Total Packages Supplies and Services" has successfully been accomplished through well-trained and highly motivated staff, under the leadership of current Managing Director, Mr. Thongchai Kiatchaiphong and his Management team.

It is our commitment that we shall always strive for enhancing service capabilities, continuously improving our competitive advantages, maintaining CKE's reputation and maintaining position at the forefront of tough competition to deliberately provide high quality services to our valued clients.

Competitive Advantages

To achieve the Company's Missions, the Management has continuously directed improvement program to enhance the Company's competitive edges by integrating Company's physical resources employee's dexterity, experiences and ability to realize an objective results.

Exclusive Distributor

Having been continually developed over 25 years, CKE is now successfully maintaining an effective global supply networking to become a leading Exclusive Distributor of electrical and electronic products to support various project developments and continued expansions of production facilities in Thailand.


We always offer a feasible terms and conditions together with alternative solutions to meet customer's demands and relevant applications.


CKE has developed a Computerized Inventory Management system to enhance its capability to acquire specific materials demanded by customers to meet an agreed delivery schedule.

Selective "Stockist" strategy has been adopted to alleviate individual customer's criticality in acquisition of unplanned and urgent purchasing, which in turn, increase our service levels, improve customer's productivity and reliability.

In addition to CKE's ISO 9001-2000 accreditation, we guaranteed our product quality, the reliability of after sale services as well as reasonable terms and conditions to meet customer requirements.

Integrated Solutions

Through effective global networking, CKE is striving for a leading position of Sole Distributor to provide various Factory Products, Integrated Solutions and total package supplies with superior quality, branded products and internationally recognized services at competitive price on agreed delivery schedule. The Integrated Solutions always provide compatible interfaces to assure system integrity and reliability to comply with technical and operational requirements.

Technology Transfer / Technical Consultancy

To be recognized as a premier technological sourcing company, CKE's engineers have been working in collaborational with strong technical supports from Manufacturers who are to provide relevant technical training to our engineers and customers under agreed technological transfer scheme. Moreover, technical consultancy and expertise related to Integrated Solutions is always sought out through global expertise to enhance customer's productivity and reliability. We continually earn technical expertise, skills and working experience in all key factory and new technological products. Our engineers have been dedicated to contribute and add values to various stages of project implementation for the ultimate success of customer's production complex.


A large number of achievements concluded by CKE engineers concerning preparation of product specifications, engineering calculation, sourcing of Integrated Solutions products, providing technical services and supports to enhance customer's productivity and reliability, has brought CKE to be a well known, reliable service agency with appropriate professional expertise.

Our customers and project references are categorized into five sectors, namely,

  • Petrochemical Companies (PTT, PTTEP, SHELL, Unocal, etc.)
  • Mega projects (NBIA, MRTA, BTS, AIS, etc)
  • Public Sector (Royal Thai Army, Royal Thai Air Force, Royal Thai Navy etc.)
  • Private Sector (ABB, Siemens, TPI, etc.)
  • State Enterprises (EGAT, PEA, CAT, TOT, etc.)


The Management of CKE recognizes that its employees.

The most valuable assets of the Company, are the ones who provide services to meet customers needs and expectations. The quality of individual employee and its ability to respond to market changes are the "heart and soul" of the Company. As such, CKE has been continuously upgrading the skill base of employees by providing both technical and managerial training programs, either Classroom or On - the - Job, for ongoing improvement of team performance. Assessment on the improvement of service quality provided to customers is regularly reviewed by the Management to determine career development planning and opportunity for career progression of individual employee.